Health & Safety

CZN is a growing company committed to the safe and healthy well-being of our employees, contractors and visitors.

The Company will continue to:negociationsMeeting at Prairie Creek Mine

    • Conduct mandatory Safety Meetings for all staff
    • Developed leadership mentoring and accountability in Health and Safety
    • Encourage site personnel to raise safety concerns at all times
    • Provide necessary equipment and training
    • Exceed onsite First Aid Personnel requirements
    • Enforce a “Zero Tolerance” to improper conduct
    • Participate in industry-wide safety policy forums
    • Establish measurable safety targets
    • Update Health and Safety Policies annually
    • Maintain participation with nearby community emergency services


Participation With The Northern Mine Safety Forum (NMSF)

CZN is an active participant with the Northern Mine Safety Forum which is focused on greater safety collaboration among northern mining operations and exploration projects.

NRSF panoramicRoomNorthern Mine Safety Forum Meeting November 2013 (Photo courtesy of WSCC)


20131114 NMSF MOUNMSF MOU (Click to Open)


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