Location & Access

The Prairie Creek Mine (the "Project") is located in the South Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories, Canada, at 61° 33' North Latitude and 124° 48' West Longitude, approximately 500 kilometres west of Yellowknife, NT.


Prairie Creek LoacationWestern Canada map showing Prairie Creek Mine location


LocationRegional Northwest Territories map showing Prairie Creek Mine location and mineral concentrate haulage route to Fort Nelson railhead


   Prairie Creek Mine Site

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The Mine is serviced by a 1,000 metre gravel airstrip located approximately 1 kilometre north of the Mine Site. Access to the Project is via charter, either from Fort Simpson, NT, 150 kilometres to the east, or Fort Nelson, BC, 300 kilometres to the south.

To experience an air approach and landing to Prairie Creek airstrip you can view this video.

In 1980, a 180 kilometre Access Road was built from the Project to the confluence of the Blackstone and Liard Rivers connecting the Project with the Liard Highway. This Access Road was used to transport the equipment and buildings presently on Site. On April 11, 2007 the Company received a Land Use Permit from the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board which permits the re-establishment of the Access Road. In July 2008, the Company commenced rehabilitation work on the Access Road, and in 2012 the Company commissioned a high-resolution LiDAR and orthophoto study covering the Prairie Creek Mine's Mineral Tenure and Access Road.


Nahanni National Park Reserve

On June 9, 2009, the Government of Canada introduced new special legislation into Parliament to ammend the Parks Act in relation to the proposed expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve, which excludes the Prairie Creek Mine from being part of the expanded park. For more information see the Canadian Zinc Press Release of June 9, 2009 click here.  This special legislation subsequently received royal ascension in the House of Commons and the Senate. Nahanni National Park Reserve has now officially expanded to include an area of 30,000 square kilometres as indicated on the below map. The Government of Canada and Parks Canada have assured Canadian Zinc that the existing mining and access rights to the Prairie Creek Mine will be respected and protected.                                                        

Canadian Zinc Corporation maintains strong working relations with Parks Canada and also through a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Parks Canada originally signed in 2008 and subsequently renewed in March 5, 2012, for more information see the Canadian Zinc press release, click here. A photo of the MOU signing event between Canadian Zinc and Parks Canada can be seen on our Agreement/ Support section, click here.  Furthermore Canadian Zinc and Parks Canada have signed a MOU Phase III regarding the operation and development of the Prairie Creek Mine and the management of Nahanni National Park Reserve. The Phase III MOU, which is valid for five years from November 2015, renews the previous MOUs signed between the Parties in 2008 and 2012. In the renewed MOU, Parks Canada and Canadian Zinc agree to work collaboratively, within their respective areas of responsibility, authority and jurisdiction, to achieve their respective goals of managing Nahanni National Park Reserve and an operating Prairie Creek Mine. The Parties agree to make every reasonable effort to address issues of common interest and build a strong working relationship, including convening a Technical Team, which will, among other things, better identify, define and consider issues of common interest including, among other things, development and use of the access to and from the Prairie Creek Mine through Nahanni National Park Reserve and operation of the Prairie Creek Mine.


NNPR with Property Insert 2016
Nahanni National Park Reserve with property insert (Click to Enlarge)


The Prairie Creek Mine Site is situated 7 kilometres upstream of the expanded Nahanni National Park Reserve boundary. For more information on Nahanni National Park Reserve, click here.