Canadian Zinc's Vision

Development of the Prairie Creek Mine

IMG 0176Prairie Creek Mine (Click to Enlarge)

"Canadian Zinc Corporation's Prairie Creek Mine is a unique opportunity - a property with a long history and a great future - a mine that is 30+ years of age but never operated."  - John Kearney, Chairman.

Canadian Zinc Corporation ("CZN") is committed to the responsible and sustainable development of mineral deposits throughout Canada. The Prairie Creek Mine has a high-grade Proven and Probable Reserve measuring 8.1 million tonnes with an average grade 8.64% Zn, 8.10% Pb and 124.22 g/t Ag. This reserve will support a mine life for 15 years and the mine will operate in a responsible manner without compromising the ecological value or the importance of the area to First Nations, conservationists and the public in general. CZN has every intention of operating the Prairie Creek Mine with best available technology and environmental protection so that the temporary impact on the environment during operations are minimal, and long-term effects after closure will be negligible.

Wherever the Company operates, Canadian Zinc believes that mineral development and conservation of ecological resources need not be mutually exclusive. The Company's vision is the development and successful operation of the Prairie Creek Mine with controlled road access, where the ecology is protected, and mineral extraction with its related economic benefits, successfully co-exist with traditional aboriginal land uses and the Nahanni National Park Reserve.

The Mine will operate for a relatively short time and will bring substantial benefits to local communities in the form of business opportunities, training and jobs, and will be a catalyst for regional development, tourism and economic activity that can be sustained long after, eventual but inevitable mine closure.